My Style Story

This page is dedicated to all things style and beauty. Having decided to be a stay at home mom while our son is young, I have found that I have a new appreciation for style. It took a while to find a balance between my style and what I felt comfortable wearing in my new “mom” role and with my new “mom” body. I love how clothes have been a way to express myself and though I am a mom, I am still an individual. I love style and comfort and hope to share my style and inspire other women and moms to embrace their individuality and feel comfortable in their own skin while still wearing functional, toddler chasing, outfits!

My Unedited Story

Welcome to my first blog and first post! I hope you enjoy what I write in the future and I look forward to your comments. This has been something I have wanted to do for such a long time, but I have been so nervous to allow myself a platform to write on. Fear of failure, fear of criticism, basically a lot of things have been going through my head to convince me that I shouldn’t do this. Isn’t there a saying regarding “if it doesn’t make you nervous it probably isn’t worth doing”? I have been a closeted writer for as long as I can remember but rarely share my words, as they have often been my outlet and therefore for my viewing only. I am excited to share so many aspects of my life with you all!