Bouncing Back the Second Time Around

Someone recently told me how I am going to bounce back so quickly after this pregnancy with all the running and working out I have been doing while pregnant. As sweet as the comment was meant to be, I couldn’t figure out why it sat sideways with me. During my first pregnancy I would have been so excited about someone saying that in hopes that it would be true. This time around, for my second pregnancy, I view that comment differently. Sure, it will be nice when I have gotten back in shape, but unlike the first time around there isn’t this immense self induced pressure to get back to my “pre baby body”.

I know what my body can do now. I have seen how big my belly can expand and that with hard work and good eating it will eventually go back down. I know my body may look differently after this pregnancy even compared to after my first pregnancy, but that is okay. Being able to appreciate what my body can really do has been amazing for my mindset this pregnancy including simple things like not obsessing over the weight gain. My first pregnancy I weighed myself daily and would be worried if I felt I gained too much to start or in any given week or month. This time around I put my scale away and felt a weight (no pun intended) lifted off my shoulders. I have a better understanding of what my body needs and as long as my doctor is pleased with my weight at my appointments, then there is no need for me to put that added stress on myself.

This time around I have learned to trust my body in knowing it will give me clues as to what is too much, what is just right and what is not enough. I also have the benefit of knowing all the changes mentally, emotionally, and physically are all truly worth it because I know that indescribable feeling I will feel the first time I hold our new baby.

I wish there was a way to share this with my pre baby self (so I share it in hopes that it could help someone else go easier on themselves). To know that some of those superficial things that were once so important become trivial once that little miracle arrives (cliché but true). To know that my body will never be ruined even with stretch marks and loose skin on it, because one look at my little man and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So as great as it would be to “bounce back” quickly, I am in no rush. I know that it will happen in time but I want to be able to enjoy adding the final member to our family and not have my focus pulled in any other direction.

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