Unplugged and Living in the Moment

I have been thinking a lot about social media lately. The way it has impacted our lives and it really got me questioning some things. In particular, when did we start living for the social media picture than for the moment?

I was recently looking at old pictures where it was just about saving the memory in that moment. It wasn’t about trying to find the perfect pose or the perfect lighting, just capturing the memory. It made me realize how many moments I haven’t wanted to capture because I didn’t fully like my outfit or I had no makeup on or felt bloated that day, and I missed out on ensuring that memory would last because of these superficial things that never would have over shadowed the picture in the long run anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I got to go meet my sister’s baby and knew that I needed to go unplugged. I went to London and really wanted to be in the moment. It was incredible. From the little things as not feeling like I needed to be dressed to impressed (because the baby certainly didn’t care what I wore or if I had makeup on) or as silly as not having to worry how recently I wore a certain top (embarrassing to even admit that!) if I was going to take pictures, and I found I actually took more pictures because I was focused on wanting to keep the memory verses having a “social media approved” picture.

I felt more in the moment than I had in a long time. It helped that I didn’t always have wifi, but it really reminded me what it was like pre social media obsession. Everything was about the moment and not about how it would look online.

After my trip to London I visited my in laws on the east coast and with how freeing it felt in London, I decided my phone didn’t need to be glued to my hand. I only really wanted to make sure my phone was near if I knew I wanted to take pictures of something we were doing. Even still, I knew the pictures were for my family, our memories, for me; and that made them even better than the ones specifically for social media.

I obviously haven’t given up on social media because there are some great aspects to it like staying connected to old friends you may not have otherwise and even getting my writings out there, but unplugging and living in the moment and not on my phone is going to be a new focus for me. I want to continue to remember what it was like to live in the moment and capture moments not for how good they will look on social media, but to keep the memory from being forgotten.