Follow Me and I’ll Try Not to Lose You

It’s funny. A month after doing my birthday inventory and good ole pregnancy hormones kicking in, I started going over some of the things I wanted to do and I realized some things I needed to change.

I originally started my blog because I wanted a platform to finally share things I have written and my thoughts. I wanted to share some workouts and fitness related ideas to help women, especially those fellow mommies, who may need some ideas and not know where to start. I wanted to occasionally share some of the adventure in my life and anything else that struck my fancy, but again, my writing was most important.

I knew I wanted a platform to give sneak peaks at these things to show people what was on my blog and I thought instagram would be a great way to spread my words. What I wasn’t expecting was what came with it. Instagram was suddenly this whole new world of fitness, beauty, style, adventure, mom life and anything else you had a hashtag for. It was amazing watching the power of instagram in action, but I started losing focus on why I started my instagram. I was posting fitness posts, which has been great with so many people having reached out to me over them, but I got lost with my other biggest intention of sharing my writings. I started posting about style and things I had never intended to but enjoyed the feedback on. What’s worse is I wasn’t sharing near as many writings or thoughts as I had wanted and was suddenly immersed in what drove my instagram following. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful and thankful that people are interested in what I have to say but I was becoming obsessed with it.

I knew it was really time to re-evaluate my instagram usage and obsession when I started questioning so much solely based on my new instagram infatuation. As extreme as whether I should get some work done (totally not against this if it’s what you want) but I was questioning things that had never bothered me about myself, like maybe I should have fuller lips. I never thought anything was wrong with them, I was just… let’s say, inspired. I was constantly seeing these beautiful women with beautiful lips that I thought maybe I needed a revamp. Even the less extreme things like seeing super cute outfits thinking I could totally post cute outfits too, even though I never wanted to be a fashion blog. I was considering whether I should just change my instagram to a fitness account because I work out so much and have a lot of knowledge about working out (and I did want to be helpful every so often for other mommies) it would be easy to only post about it.

Thankfully I have my sister as my sound board, because she was quick to pull me back down to earth form my instagram bubble (especially when I told her about considering getting my lips done). My website and instagram are suppose to be about being unedited. Real life in all its imperfect beauty; writings from my heart, my life in all its chaos, and occasionally trying to inspire other women interested in fitness through workouts and tips.

So where does this leave my blog? As you have seen I have started sharing more of my writings and will blog about things that I feel passionate about and not what I think will garner the most “likes”. I won’t be posting as much on instagram or social media daily because I don’t like the way it can be so addictive. I feel like it is so easy to get caught up in all these “perfect” looking lives and people and new avenues to garner followers; I was losing sight of what mattered to me and what I wanted. My biggest dream has always been to be a writer and though I do enjoy sharing my other passions, that is where I realize I want my focus to be on. As I have said before, my blog will continue to evolve as I do and as life’s ride continues to unfold. I hope you enjoy it!

This Is Us

Here you go

I want you to take it

Hold it close

Promise not to break it

I never thought

I would give it away

But then again

I never felt this way

No man

Has ever made me

Love anyone

The way I love you

I know we’re

Jumping in so fast

But I can’t help

When I know it will last

So here you go

I want you to take it

Hold it close

Promise not to break it

I have a promise

I’ll make to you

Love me forever

I’ll never hurt you

All I want

Is to bare my soul

Give me time

I’ll show you the whole

What’s left me

Broken and bruised

The pain inside

I hope it doesn’t scare you

When you see inside

You’ll know me better


All I’ve had to weather

But until then…

Here’s my heart

I want you to take it

Hold it close

Promise not to break it

As I have mentioned before, my songs/poems are not always inspired by my own life. Sometimes I see something happening to other people or on a show or read it in a book that really touches me and I feel the need to write about it.

Recently I feel like I have been seeing some really cool things about the show This Is Us, so I thought it would be fun to share something I wrote that was inspired by the show. Spoiler Alert….

I wrote this about Kate and Toby, inspired from the episode where Kate tells Toby how she does love him and it is hard for her to say because the only man she had ever said that to before was her dad.

I hope you enjoyed my words! And for all those who haven’t watched the show… go watch it!!! There is nothing like this show!

Have an amazing weekend!!

Weekly Workout 19 & 20-17

Weekly Workout 19-17

Monday- 31 minutes chest and shoulder circuit

Tuesday- run 8 miles (treadmill 9:08 pace; did first few at 9:30 then bumped up to 8:57); 20 minutes of yoga

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- run 4 miles (treadmill 8:57 pace); 30 minutes of yoga

Friday- 25 minutes sides and low back circuit

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Off

Weekly Workout 20-17

Monday- 31 minutes sides circuits

Tuesday- walk treadmill for 3 miles at a 3mph pace on 5 incline; 35 minutes of yoga


Thursday- run 4 miles (treadmill 8:45 pace)

Friday- 45 minutes of yoga

Saturday- tons of walking at the zoo


Happy Monday!

It seems like it has been such a busy last two weeks yet I have no idea what we have been doing! I was hoping to get my chest and shoulder workout on the blog, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to get the pictures done so I will work on sharing another workout soon!

Week 19 I was so excited to get such a great 8 mile run in! It was so nice because I was chatting with a friend the first few miles so the time seemed to fly by and it felt so good I decided to just go with it!

Week 20 felt like a different story! After staying up too late on Monday and then the little man getting up before 5am on Tuesday, I felt like a zombie. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to run, but wanted to at least get some cardio in so I decided to walk on the treadmill. To give a little challenge I did an incline of 5.0 and kept the pace at 3.0mph. Saturday we went to the zoo which was so much fun and man did I get in my cardio with all that walking and half of it carrying the little man in the sling. Talk about an added challenge… 30lbs+ feels heavy after a while even with a sling!

I hope you all have a great workout week and I will be working on a new workout soon!