Recruiting Time Off

To be honest, I actually started writing this a couple of weeks ago when I found out my husband had to work on our anniversary when we thought he would be off…you know, since it was a Saturday. I just needed to vent, so I took to writing but decided not to post it. Then recently learning that my husband would no longer be able to go on vacation with our son and me sparked my need to finish my thoughts and share my words…

I never want to over shadow my husband or anyone else who signed to defend our freedom, but sometimes I wish more people understood what it was like being on the other side. To have a glimpse into a small aspect of the life of the one who fell in love with the person who signed on the line, and continues to sign the dotted line. It isn’t always easy. Whether there are work ups, deployments, schools, or trainings. It doesn’t always matter what event may be happening in your life, duty comes first. That can be hard to swallow sometimes, to know that you are basically second unless there is an emergency.

My husband and I had decided to choose recruiting duty as a permanent option for the rest of his Marine Corps career so that he would be home when we started a family. We thought that a few nights or even weeks away would be better than a deployment (my hat is off to those parents who have children and go through deployments! I honestly don’t know how you do it.). I thought that recruiting duty would allow for more time at home and more leave(vacation) time to spend as a family.

I will always support my husband in his career, and I couldn’t be more proud of him, but that doesn’t always make it easy…on either of us. When you think of something as simple as time off, be it the weekends, holidays, or vacation time; most people don’t know that this time off is not always guaranteed when the military is involved. It isn’t like in the civilian world where it hits 5pm on a Friday and you clock out for the weekend; or you submit your vacation, it is approved, and that is that, go enjoy your vacation. In the military, your leave time can be solely dependent upon another person. In my husband’s case, his leave is dependent on whether his office has made mission by a specific date. If that person going to enlist or enroll doesn’t sign the dotted line, for what ever reason, you can often kiss your time off goodbye…whether evenings, the weekend, or a vacation. Even with so much time off available, you can’t always get it. How frustrating is that?!

I can’t imagine how hard it is on my husband to miss so much of our lives. Last year alone he missed Dalton’s first trip to Disney World, New York and the beach in Destin, Florida (Dalton’s first time seeing the ocean). This year he missed the space launch at NASA with a side trip to Destin and now he will miss a trip to Pensacola, Florida. I know some people might wonder why Dalton and I still go on these trips without my husband. It’s because my husband always says he would never want Dalton to miss out on a trip because he couldn’t get the time off work.

So… what led me to want to share these thoughts? As I mentioned above, last month was our 11 year wedding anniversary. The hubs and I were hoping to steal away time together, but he found out the day before he had to work. I felt so disappointed, not at my husband, but at the situation. I feel like I should have been expecting this let down with how much he has been working and felt foolish for getting my hopes up. We don’t have family down the street who can come babysit all the time, so when we think we are going to get time together, it means so much to us. Dalton and I ended up going with him to work that Saturday so we could at least be together, but it was in no way the anniversary we thought we would have.

Then to find out that my husband could not go on another trip with us was honestly gut wrenching. Dalton and I have been so fortunate to be invited on so many trips with my brother’s family, but it is always upsetting when we find out my husband can’t come with.

When Dalton and I can travel, I try and make the best of the adventure, but always think how much better it would be if his dad could be with us. I know it is these little memories that my husband will never get back. That I will always remember, but my husband will never have experienced with us. An added gut punch is knowing that my husband is at home, working, wishing he could be with his family, but has to live vicariously through the photos and videos I send to him instead. It can just be really shitty at times.

As I mentioned, this is nothing against the military men and women who offer their lives to protect ours, just a little glimpse into what it can be like for the military wife trying to plan…well basically any event from the weekends to vacations when the military is involved.

Weekly Workout 13-17

Monday- 30 minutes low back and side circuit

Tuesday- run 9 miles (treadmill 8:26 pace); 35 minutes of yoga

Wednesday-20 minute leg circuit (see details below!); 300 abs variation

Thursday- run 7 miles (treadmill 8:29 pace)

Friday- Off

Saturday-run 6 miles (treadmill 8:57 pace)

Sunday- Off

Happy Tuesday!

Well… I have to admit, once I made peace with the treadmill last week, my runs have been going great! Getting over my tantrum, that I wasn’t outside but stuck on a treadmill, really brought my focus back to my run and just enjoying being able to get in the distance, regardless of how it gets done. I have even created a new playlist to help me stay entertained while doing these longer runs too.

I am excited to share my new leg circuit below! I wanted to use something that everyone has in their home to give an added workout, so I picked a chair. I am calling it my Chair Leg Circuit. I was sore for a couple of days after this, but it probably wasn’t my best planning to do it between two long run days either ;). I hope you are able to give it a try and let me know what you think! It is only 20-25 minutes, but take your time….being on a chair does require more balance, so use the chair to help support you where you need it!

Have a great week and enjoy the workout!!!

Chair Leg Circuit-20 Minutes


15 knee ups each leg *pictures above (yes, I know it isn’t the same leg being used, but I wanted to be able to show the moves with the clearest angles)

10 chair lunges each leg *picture above… (start with the foot on the floor a little bit further from the chair and then kneel it towards the floor like a reverse lunge and then straighten your floor leg again)



15 side/lateral squat to knee ups (each leg) *pictures above (you are squatting before pushing up to the knee up, I wanted to show two angles)


16 up and overs *pictures above (start on the left side of the chair, take your left leg to the far side of the chair, push off the floor and bring your right leg onto the chair in a mini squat with a lower squat being more of a challenge, place your left leg on the floor with some room next to the chair and then bring your right leg to the floor)



15 Standing back leg raise, leaning leg raise each leg *pictures above (do a back/reverse leg raise only to what is comfortable, lower your leg back to the floor, then lean forward using the chair as support to bring your leg close to parallel with the floor, then bring your leg back to the floor)

25 calf raises (stand with feet hip distance apart and raise up onto your toes then back down to the ground)

Repeat 2 times (that’s it :))

Beauty and the…Sun?


Now that we have officially entered Spring (and hoping the Midwest weather gets the memo), I thought I would share some of my beauty secrets!

As you know, I love to run! I also love being outdoors as much as I can when the weather permits, whether working out or playing with the little man. All that time in the sun means I need to take extra care of my skin to avoid sunburn, possible wrinkles, or skin damage. I thought it would be easiest to just share my daily routine. I hope you enjoy!

I start my mornings by using my toner on my face. I find that it clears away anything that was missed or left over from the night before. I feel like it helps to make sure I am not starting my day with clogged pores. I use my ProActive toner(step 2) for that….I was using this $26 toner before I ran out and really liked it. I simple put it on a cotton ball or pad and wipe it all over my face. You would be surprised to see what you can miss the night before sometimes!

After my toner I am ready for my workout! When I am able to run outside with Dalton I want to use a sweat proof sunscreen that is strong enough for me, but also safe enough for him and isn’t going to clog our pores. I know I could always get two different sun screens, but honestly that is just a pain to bring along two different sunscreens, especially since I found this  Think Baby sun screen that is amazing! It lasts on my long runs and keeps us both sun burn free! It also has some of the best ratings available for baby sunscreen (you can read about it in the link!). Just as a side note, Dalton and I were the only ones who didn’t get burnt in Fiji using this sun screen to where we started sharing it with over half of our group!

Depending on weather, I go to the gym to do a resistance workout or do an at home workout, or if I am just running for the day, will determine on when I wash my face. Once I am done working out I use all three steps of my ProActive. (When it is a rest day I use my ProActive three step system first thing in the morning). As a little disclaimer, when first starting proactive, as with any acne treatment, it will pull everything out before it can start preventing future break outs, but it does work! As a long distance runner, as well as my other workouts, I am a sweater! Take one look at my instagram and you can see that 😉 and ProActive has kept me down to maybe a couple of black heads once in a while verse a hairline of pimples or hormonal breakouts! Because it can be drying, once my third step in the system has dried, I like to use my Dilo Oil. This stuff is amazing! It feels like a dose of hydration on your skin (a serious winter must have too!).

When it comes to my bedtime routine, I have a couple of different cleansers that I use, but this Lush Ultrabland is definitely my favorite! I love Lush products because they are natural and either vegetarian or vegan! This cleanser is also a makeup remover so perfect for night time and super simple to use! You rub it all over your face and then use a damp cloth to wipe away..that’s it! I love that it leaves my skin feeling super clean but not dried out!

After my cleanser, twice a week I use my Exfolikate(you can get the travel size for $24!!) or Gentle Exfolikate depending on whether my skin has been dry or sensitive lately. (Thursday and Sundays are my days because I want a super fresh face going into my weekend and end my weekend taking away any of the extra pollutants or dirt that may have gotten on my face from being out and about…I know, it sounds weird, but that’s what I do). I cannot stress my love for this product enough! I have given both my mom and sister this exfoliator because it is that great! When I first read the reviews on it, I was such a skeptic. How can reviewers actually say a product works in one use?! Well.. try it once and you will see how it does! As an added tip, if I can, I like to use this in the shower so my pores are nice and open from the steam to get that deep exfoliation! To use, cover your face to look like the wicked green witch, rub it in for 30 seconds, leave on up to 2 minutes, then rinse. Your face will get a little red after, but it goes away quickly!

After either my cleanser or exfoliator, depending on the day of the week, I use my Dermal Quench Lift with Retinol. This product use is recommended based on age, if you are in your 30s use 3 times a week, 40s use 4 times a week, 50s use 5 times a week, etc. I typically use it Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday since two of those days are my exfoliating days and these also tend to be my long run days. There is also a regular dermal quench, but honestly, the retinol is the key! That is what is going to target and keep away those fine lines and wrinkles!

Depending on how my skin feels, if I need a little extra moisture boost, I will use my Dilo Oil and then once it dries use my Age Arrest wrinkle cream. I recently started using the Age Arrest Wrinkle and I do like it, but think my favorite is still the nourish moisturizer (which I just ordered this week). The age arrest is thicker so it can be nice for the winter, but the nourish moisturizer is so light and works amazingly with the dilo oil and just has that fresh feeling and smell!

Last but not least, I use my Honey Trap Lip Balm! It is a little thicker when you first put it on but melts into your lips! It will leave your lips hydrated throughout the night so you don’t have to worry about annoying chapped lips!

I hope you enjoyed my routine and let me know if you have any questions on the products! I recommend trying the Exfolikate and Dermal Quench Mini Duo because it is much cheaper than the full size and enough product to see if you will really like both products! Trust me, once you are introduced to Kate Somerville and Lush products you will see why they are over half the products I use! What’s even better?! All of these companies are against animal testing!

And finally… my biiiiiiggest beauty secret, WATER! I can always tell when I haven’t had enough water the night before by how my skin looks. I try to aim for at least a gallon of water a day, add lemon to change it up and get that metabolism revving for the day!

Have a great Friday and thank you for all the support.



*This is not a sponsored post