Weekly Workout 9-17

Monday- 40 minutes side circuits (both weighted and unweighted with side planks)

Tuesday- run 6 miles pushing stroller (9:27, 10:36, 10:24, 10:19, 10:17, 9:25); 300 abdominal variations; 25 minutes of yoga

Wednesday- run 8 miles pushing stroller (9:37, 9:51, 10:22, 10:24, 10:08, 10:21, 10:01, 10:09)

Thursday- 60 minutes full back and side circuits

Friday- run 2 miles (treadmill 7:21, 6:53); 30 minutes chest with light shoulders circuit *see below for detail of one of the chest circuits


Sunday- run 4 miles (treadmill 7:58, 7:54, 7:44, 7:11); 500 abdominal variations

Good Morning!

Last week was a busy workout week for me! With two nice days in a row, I had to take advantage and get out for a couple of runs with the little man. He did great on our 6 mile run together aside from some wind issues! Our 8 mile run was another story! He started asking me for one of the dog’s cookies… yes, he likes to share the dog’s cookies..don’t worry, the ingredients are completely safe! I tried explaining to him that we didn’t have any with us, but if he was good the rest of our run since he had been fussing on and off, he could share one with the puppy when we got home… Apparently… you can’t always rationalize with a two year old(I mean, if you ever actually can). We spent the last mile and a half arguing over him not having a cookie because I did not have one with us and because of his behavior he could no longer have one when we got home. I am sure this made for interesting conversation for the people we ran past! I eventually had to tell him that I was done with the conversation and may have turned our music up louder 😉 Normally Dalton is such a good little running buddy, so I can’t complain too much that he throws a fit every once in a while on a run. The fact that he is usually happy to go on a 6, 8, or even 10 mile run is more than I could ask for, but I may have to start bringing the iPad along to keep him entertained on these longer ones…

Saturday was the hubs and my 11 year wedding anniversary (seriously time flies! sharing a post on being a military wife and how that effects anniversaries later), and though I didn’t technically workout, I like to think wearing high heels for the first time in over a year and carrying a 30 pound toddler up and down stairs, especially the stairs at the Capital building in Madison, was a pretty good workout!

Unfortunately, between my run Friday and heels Saturday, I somehow jammed my big toe! I thought it would be fine during my run Sunday but it appears that only made it worse and like most minor injuries you don’t realize that until after you finished the run. I know that my foot hits a little differently when I run on a treadmill, and sometimes when I do speed work on the treadmill this can happen, but it usually feels better by the end of the day. I am hoping it relaxes by the morning so I can get a run in, but know I will have to skip the run if it is still jammed up. That is such a hard thing to do, but always listen to your body and don’t try and push through anything! A missed run is better than risking further injury and needing even longer off.

Below I am including a peak of part of the chest circuit I did on Friday. I apologize that I do not have pictures since I was at the gym and didn’t have someone to take any for me. I will include some pictures when I share another workout that includes some of these chest exercises. I hope you have been enjoying the detailed workouts! Let me know if there is anything else you want to see and thank you again for all the support!

18 minute Chest Circuit:

Bench Press (45lbs, just the bar) x20

Dumbbell Bench Press (5lbs in each hand) x20

Dumbbell Bench Flies (5lbs in each hand) x 20

25 crunches on bench

Bench Press (55lbs) x15

Dumbbell Bench Press (5lbs in each hand) x15

Dumbbell Bench Flies (5lbs in each hand) x 15

25 crunches on bench with right leg crossed over left leg

25 crunches on bench with left leg crossed over right leg

Bench Press (65lbs) x10

Dumbbell Bench Press (5lbs in each hand) x15

Dumbbell Bench Flies (5lbs in each hand) x15

25 crunches on bench

Bench Press (85lbs) x3

Failure to Launch…Success in Destin

For anyone who follows my social media, I am sure you saw that Dalton and I went to Florida this weekend! My brother invited us, and unfortunately the hubs had to work all weekend(good ole military life for you) so he couldn’t join us, but Dalton and I decided to go.

We went to Titusville, Florida to the Kennedy NASA center to try and see the Falcon X space launch. I have never seen a launch before and was super excited! The only draw was that we had to be up at 4:30am and didn’t get to sleep until nearly midnight. I was so worried about trying to get going that early with three boys five and under(seriously… a recipe for disaster).. Thankfully all the boys did so well and all tantrums held off until afternoon.

We got to walk around the park and museum and see so much cool stuff. When it was time for the rocket to launch we found a great spot with a clear view. When they announced the minute countdown the boys(and let’s be honest.. the adults) started getting so excited! Dalton a little too much apparently because by 30 seconds left I had to do the fastest poo diaper change so we wouldn’t miss it…the joys of motherhood…

We had started doing our own little countdown and all of a sudden they announced that the mission was scrubbed for the day because something wasn’t working properly. It was sooo disappointing! We got down to 13 seconds! We made the best of it and went back to the museum and got to walk around and the kids got to play. I could not believe how kid friendly that place was and really want to go back again some time.

The early morning caught up to Dalton while we were walking around the center though because he crashed so hard. I was carrying him around in my arms for a while until I was able to get him in his sling and my goodness were my biceps and back so sore by the evening! I didn’t get to workout this weekend because of the trip, but with all the walking and carrying around a 29 pound toddler, I wasn’t worried. I think it is so important to remember to live life and not become so obsessed with missing a workout you miss out on these moments.

We learned the launch was going to be rescheduled for the next morning but when we woke up it was so foggy and cloudy we didn’t think it would happen. We talked about going anyway and letting the boys play at this huge play area they have there, but decided we would just take our time and head back to the airport. Since we wouldn’t be able to play on the beach in Titusville because of the weather, we wanted to leave earlier and go to Destin for an hour beach play before heading back home. When we got to the airport one of the attendants came out and told us the rocket was about to launch! We could actually hear it and even slightly feel it from 13 miles away! I couldn’t believe we missed it, but it is definitely something I want the chance to see in the future. I could only imagine what it would feel like near the launch if we could hear it so loudly so far away.

The flight to Destin was incredible. I sat up front with my brother and even got to help a little! There is just something so zen for me in flying. Being so high above the ground and soaring through the clouds has always amazed me. We only spent an hour at the beach but watching Dalton running around was priceless. He would run towards the water when it was receding and run to me when the waves started coming back up. His laughter is just everything (total mom cliche I know!).

It was a whirlwind weekend but always worth it. It is these little moments I hope I remember forever. Watching Dalton play with his cousins and them running around holding hands laughing, seeing his face when my brother tries to catch lizards for him and just the joy of sharing these experiences with him.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Have a great weekend!

Weekly Workout 8-17

Monday- run 6 miles pushing stroller(9:37, 10:27, 10:13, 10:11, 9:57, 9:30)

Tuesday- run 6 miles (treadmill 9:31, 9:31, ?, 7:30, 8:00, 7:45); 300 abdominal variations

Wednesday- 20 minutes of upper body circuit with emphasis on back(see below for full details and pics!); 10 minutes of HIIT (details below)

Thursday- 50 minutes of yoga

Friday- Off


Sunday- Off

Happy Tuesday!

Last week was a busy week for Dalton and me! We were able to get outside together for a run and it went super successfully so I am excited to start getting out more if this crazy good winter weather continues!

I took “off” for a long weekend because we went to Florida to try and see the rocket launch and then a quick beach trip in Destin (will share in another post). Though I didn’t technically workout… carrying a nearly 30 pound toddler around when he was tired and sleepy (I didn’t bring his stroller and even a sling can only do so much), my biceps and back were actually really sore! I like to think that was a good calorie burn.

Below you will find the details from my Wednesday workout! I hope you get a chance to try it out and let me know what you think. I did it in 20 minutes, but if you finish it faster, or slower, that is okay! I have included some modifications depending on your strength level for a few of the exercises. Remember when doing a circuit you are moving from one exercise to the next without breaks in between and then you take a break before you start the next circuit series (that is usually when I say have some water). For the HIIT(high intensity interval training) you are doing a high level of activity and then a 30 seconds break. You set your timer to the indicated time frame and continue until the timer goes off. There is no specific amount of sets (how many times you do the series), just keep going until the timer goes off.


Set Timer for 10 minutes

30 seconds high knees

25 jump rope skips(pretend if you don’t have a jump rope..that’s what I do)

15 jumping jacks

30 seconds rest

*repeat over again until time goes off

20 Minutes Upper Body with Back Emphasis:

20 mountain climbers(10 each leg)

5 push ups(or on the knees)

30 second (low or high) plank

Lay flat on ground


15 laying lateral pull downs *picture above

15 superman lifts(lift arms straight out in front of you like starting lateral pull down picture and lift legs off the ground and then lay back down)

30 second flutter kicks(lift only your legs and kick like you are swimming above the ground)


15 laying lateral raises (arms straight out to your side making a T, lift arms off the ground then back down) *picture above

Repeat two more times.

*Drink Water*

Lay on back, knees bent, feet flat on ground *picture above

Place hands by your sides

15 bridge ups *picture above

30 second bridge hold *picture above

15 bridge pulses (pulse your hips up and down in bridge pose)

Rest 10 seconds this is a lot on your back


20 bridge twist unders(10 each side) *picture above


25 crunch twists *picture above (crunch up, twist to right, center, twist left, then down)

25 reverse crunch toe tap *picture above

Repeat two more times