Weekly Workout 5-17

Monday- 28 minutes leg circuit, 28 minutes arm and abs circuit

Tuesday- run 2 miles (treadmill 8:50, 6:55); 45 minutes low back and side circuit including 500 abs variation; 30 minutes of yoga

Wednesday- 28 minutes full body circuit; 25 minutes of yoga

Thursday- run 4 miles (treadmill 8:08, 8:00, 8:00, 7:04); 500 abs variation

Friday- Off

Saturday-15 minutes standing leg circuit (explained below!), 15 minutes ground leg circuit

Sunday- run 4 miles (9:06, 8:57, 8:57, 8:57); 30 minutes chest, shoulders and upper back circuit

Happy Tuesday!

I am super excited about this post! I am including one of my leg circuits that I created a while ago. As I have mentioned before, my goal is to create 15-20 minutes of different circuits that can be done separately or combined if time allows. As a mom I know how difficult it can be at times to try and go to the gym and get a good workout in, or even get a long workout in at home. With so many outside factors, I personally have had to break up my workouts before and found that I still can get great results even if it is a 15 minutes circuit in the morning and another 15 minutes in the afternoon or after the little’s bed time. What is important is that you are finding time for yourself to get your workout in.

What I do ask is for your understanding in knowing that I have only shared my workouts with myself and those who I have trained or those who have specifically asked for one, so my descriptions may not be using the technical jargon. I hope to keep improving in my descriptions through pictures and videos in the future. Always make sure you are cleared by your doctor before you start any workout.

Because my workouts are shorter I like to keep the workout moving. What I mean by this is that there aren’t any long periods of a break. When I have completed my sets for a specific series I like to have a drink of water to make sure I am properly hydrated so I don’t risk getting any muscle cramps. In the future when you see my workout you will be able to distinguish the different series in the circuit, but for this first one I have included where I take a sip of water.

Go at your own pace, and let me know what you think!!! I will be sharing more of my at home workouts as the weeks go on! I suggest trying this one twice a week either on its own or in addition to a workout you may already be doing. It would also be a great workout to complete this circuit and follow it with one of my 500 ab series! (Speaking of, I received a couple questions for some of the moves, I am including images below the workout for them!)

Have a great week and always let me know if you have any questions!! Thank you for your support!!

15 Minute Standing Leg Workout:

45 second wall sit

10 walking lunges (each leg)

30 second wall sit

10 walking right side lunges(right leg leads)

10 walking left side lunges(left leg leads)

15 second wall sit

10 walking backwards/reverse lunges(look over shoulder stepping back to see where going)

*sip water*

10 squats (Don’t let your knees go past your toes!)

10 high knees each leg

10 squats

10 high knees each leg

10 squats

10 high knees each leg

10 sumo squats

20 calf raises

10 sumo squats

20 calf raises

10 sumo squats

20 calf raises

10 left leg raises

*sip water*

5 sumo squat jumps

10 static left leg lunge (stand in place and lunge with your left leg then step back)

5 sumo squats

10 left side leg raises(leg out to 45 degree angle)

5 sumo squat jumps

10 static left leg side lunge(stand in place step out to the left to lunge then back to standing)

5 sumo squats

10 left back leg raises(use chair for support if needed keep back straight)

5 sumo squat jumps

10 static left leg reverse(backward) lunge( step left leg back to lunge then back to standing)

5 sumo squats

10 right leg raises

5 sumo squat jumps

10 static right leg lunge

5 sumo squats

10 right side leg raises(leg out to 45 degree angle)

5 sumo squat jumps

10 static right leg side lunge

5 sumo squats

10 right back leg raises(use chair for support if needed keep back straight)

5 sumo squat jumps

10 static right leg reverse(backward) lunge

*sip water*

5 sumo squats

20 calf raises

20 dancer foot calf raises (heels touching, toes pointing out on a 45 degree angle facing out)

20 pigeon toed calf raises


Reverse side crunch:


Crunch: lift your legs and hips off the ground crunching towards your side, your top half does not move. Make sure your hips stay stacked on top of each other.

Russian Twist:

Lean back to a 45 degree angle with your feet and bum planted firmly on the ground. While you are leaning back in that 45 degree angle twist your torso to one side then the other side

Grandma’s Sweater


I am hands down a hoodie girl. I have always loved a comfy zip up hoodie ever since my sister got this black one when we were younger. I will never forget when she handed it down to me, I was so excited I didn’t care there was already a hole forming by the pocket! I love zip up hoodies, you can dress them up or down and they are so freaking comfortable, but lately there has been such a draw for me to cardigans. The way you can drown yourself in a piece of knitted fabric to feel so cozy and warm…amazing, nostalgic in way.

It wasn’t until my most recent cardigan purchase that I really understood why I randomly go on cardigan splurges, even though I know I probably own enough (just kidding…there are more colors to find!), and that is when I realized..it wasn’t just the cardigan I was after, but my grandma’s sweater.

Growing up my grandma always wore this oversized cardigan sweater. It was a staple to her grandma style. When she wasn’t wearing it, it was hanging on her recliner rocking chair. I don’t know what made this cardigan so special, but on the occassion she would let one of us grandchildren wear it, it was hard to not beam from cheek to cheek.

My sister is the person in our family who is always cold so she often got to wear the sweater more than me, so when my grandma decided to give her the cardigan, I wasn’t too upset. It seemed right that my sister would have it. Don’t get me wrong, every time my sister wore it around the house the slightest bit of envy tried to crawl its way out, but I contained it…for the most part.

I always had a close relationship with my grandma. I found her to be incredibly fascinating and so nonsensical yet she always loved my whimsical spirit. We often traded her stories for my poems.

When she moved to a different state we started writing letters to each other. She was one of the few people who knew my passion for writing and always said she couldn’t wait to see the poems or stories I would write when I was older(which she unfortunately never would).

When my grandma passed I was heart broken. I literally could barely stand at her funeral. It seemed unreal to me that I would never see her again or receive another letter after we had been writing back and forth for nearly a decade.

So how does this relate to my obsession with cardigan sweaters? I realized they are my new connection to her and our memories. When I curl into a soft cardigan, I feel like I am back with her again. It is so strange how we can subconsciously attach ourselves to things so simple, but that is how she lives on with me. This is how I never let her memory die. It amazes me that it took so long to fully comprehend why years ago I suddenly became cardigan obsessed, because that is how I am able to still feel close to her even after she was gone. I find it beautiful that our relationship carries on in a new way long after our physical relationship had to end.




What I’m wearing:

cardigan- similar (under $50), similar knit (under $100), one I’m wearing (size down!!)

bralette-Free People Huge Sale (check sizing recommendations)

shirt-anthropologie www.anthropologie.com (they have great sale items! check sizing, I normally size down)

jeans-Express.com (previous season, true to size)

Weekly Workout 4-17

Monday- Off

Tuesday- run 4 miles (treadmill); 28 minutes arms and abs circuit; 20 minutes back and side extension circuit with one bicep curl and tricep overhead set; 25 minutes of yoga

Wednesday- run 6 miles (treadmill 4 miles at 8:30 pace, 5th mile 9:05 pace, 6th mile 9:31 pace); 28 minute leg circuit

Thursday- run 3 miles (treadmill 8:03, 7:03, 8:03); 35 minutes side and low back with back and side extension circuit including side leans, deadlift, bent rows; 5 minute plank (60 seconds low center plank, 30 seconds low left side plank, 30 seconds low left side plank hip raises, 30 seconds low center plank, 30 seconds low center plank moving legs wide one at a time and back together, 30 seconds low right side plank, 30 seconds low right side plank hip raises, 30 seconds low center plank, 30 seconds low center plank moving legs wide one at a time and back together); 9 minutes of mixed challenge exercises; 30 minutes of yoga

Friday- 28 minutes full body circuit; 500 abs variation (crunches, Indian style crunches, side crunches, hip raises, straight leg crunches)


Sunday- run 6 miles outside (8:19, 9:10, 8:52, 9:03, 8:26, 8:24)

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and those in the Midwest were able to enjoy the crazy warm January weather. It was so nice to be running outside for the second time in January! It is insane that I am actually saying that because normally by now it is bitter cold and the ground is covered by snow.

This week was a little different for me with my days off. Monday was the last day I took off recovering from being sick. It felt so nice to be back at the gym on Tuesday. Once you have created a habit of working out, it can be difficult to allow your body to take time off to heal because your mind starts making you feel guilty that you aren’t working out. It is silly how that happens, but so important to know when you are sick to let your body relax and focus on staying hydrated. You are not going to gain ten pounds from not working out a few days and allowing your body to rest. My goal was to try and eat healthier when I had an appetite to ensure I would be strong enough to get back to my workouts when ready.

If you have followed for a while you know I typically like to have a few hard workouts during the week. This week I chose Tuesday and Thursday. I like to do this because I feel having those hard days mixed with regular workout days helps my body become stronger. It is always great to have days you push yourself harder and easier days to allow your body to recover and to keep from plateauing.

In my Thursday workout I included a new plank challenge to work your way up to. I recommend starting at just 15 seconds in each position and work your way up to the full 30-60 seconds per position. I also included the ab exercises I did for my 500 series on Friday to show that I do change the type of abdominal exercises that I do when I work my abs.

As always, thank you for reading and let me know if you have any other requests! I hope you have a strong third week into the New Year!