Weekly Workout 16

Monday- run 4 miles (treadmill); 20 minute chest and shoulder circuit

Tuesday-run 6 miles(treadmill); 26 minutes sides and low back circuit; 500 variation of abs

Wednesday- off

Thursday- run 3 miles (treadmill) [8:13, 7:44, 7:13]; 30 minutes of yoga

Friday- off

Saturday- off


Happy Tuesday! This week I had an easier week regarding number of days I worked out. I try to work out at least 5 days a week, but I am also a believer that sometimes that just isn’t practical and that is okay! With my mother in law coming to town and having last minute Christmas shopping, I had to reprioritize my schedule and skip some days at the gym (and my gym was closed Saturday and Sunday and working out at home with the husband, baby, dog and mother in law was just not happening!). I like to think all the running around I did was like an added workout any way haha!

I also took it easy on my eating and even had drinks this week! I feel like when you workout so much year round, it is okay, and even good for you, to let it go for a week once every four or five months! I am not saying stuff your face with everything you can eat or drink, but if you want something, have it! Just don’t have the entire big cookie or entire pie in one sitting.

That being said, it is nice to be to focusing on eating better again and I look forward to all the left over holiday food being out of the house! I guess that is how you know when you have made clean eating a part of your lifestyle and stopped viewing eating a certain way as a diet. Your body starts craving those vegetables and fruits and you look forward to how your body is going to feel eating that way again!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! This year was so special since the little is finally into opening gifts and was so excited for all his presents! It is just so fun to have that Christmas magic back in our lives. It reminds you how magical this time of year really is and it is all the more special when you are reminded by seeing it through your child’s eyes.


Have a great workout week!

Yoga in Paradise

If you have followed me recently, then you are aware that last month I was in Fiji. I had seen pictures of Fiji online before my trip, but it was hard to fathom somewhere so beautiful could exist.

Shortly after I arrived, breathing in the air of the tropics and feeling a sudden peace at the new beauty that surrounded me, I felt I was part of a paradise that still existed in its rawest, most natural form. It wasn’t long that I felt inspired to practice my yoga with this beautiful back drop offering a zen, almost spiritual quality.

Yoga to me has never been just about getting in a workout, though it is a great workout, to me it is more. When I run or lift weights I go over everything that has been stressing me out or on my mind and work it out of me. The more frustrated I am going into a typical workout the harder I push. Yoga isn’t like that. Yoga is about letting go of what is going on inside of your mind and not focusing on anything other than you breath, and your being. It is finding a way to connect your mind back to your body in its most basic form of simply clearing your mind and breathing in the world around you in that very moment. That is your focus, that one moment that you are currently in. It is one of the best ways to center yourself when life so easily seems to throw you off balance in the fast paced, demanding world we live in.

To be surrounded by so much beauty, before my husband and son awoke, I was able to experience the bliss of breathing in my surroundings and being engulfed in the nature around me. If you haven’t tried yoga, I highly encourage it. Open your mind and body to the opportunity to reconnect with itself and let go of the day for that 20, 30, or 60 minutes you are able to practice. Remember that it is a practice in the way your body moves, but also how you connect with your body. Practice in taking what you learn in yoga and applying it to your daily life. Practice in that you are always working on your poses or breath. Let me know if you try it and what your thoughts are!

Thank you for reading and I hope you allow yourself the opportunity to try this new exercise.


For those who have asked, I am wearing Fabletics. If you missed my last post this is the fitness fashion line headed by Kate Hudson. When you sign up for the membership you receive emails the first five days of the month reminding you to either make a purchase or skip the month. If you choose to skip the month there is no charge, if you do not skip the month by the end of the fifth day you are charged $49.95 that appears as a credit on your account that doesn’t expire. I have recently ordered my third outfit from them and still can’t believe the quality! The current deal if your first outfit is only $15 and you can cancel at any time! If you are interested in learning more, check out the link on my page!

*this is not a sponsored post


Weekly Workout 15

Monday- run 6 miles (treadmill) tempo starting with a 9:13 mile and finishing with a 6:58 mile; 30 minutes of low back and sides; 35 minutes of yoga

Tuesday-run 1 mile slow (treadmill) walk 1 mile; 36 minutes upper back, chest, and shoulders w/100 abs; 5 minute plank hold (center, right, center, left, center); 200 ab variations

Wednesday- 50 minutes low back, sides, and arms ; 500 variation of abs

Thursday- off

Friday- run 1 mile fast (treadmill: 6:57); 28 minutes back and sides

Saturday- 500 ab variation



Happy Tuesday!

This week I decided to have a little fun with my workouts…. yes, fun working out. Because I am often training for a race I don’t get to push my limits very often for fear of risking an injury and not being able to recovery and stick to my running schedule. I decided this week I wanted to have some fun because I could always cut back on my workouts and rest if I had a little too much fun. I was very curious about my run speed this week. I have been more of a distance verse speed person so I wanted to see what I could do speed wise.

On Monday’s run I had planned to do a six mile steady tempo run but by the last mile I was shocked at the pace I was going because my breathing didn’t feel as heavy as it should, so for the first time in over 17 years, if not ever, I ran a sub seven minute mile! I was so proud of myself for realizing I was able to create a new limit on my running speed. I typically consider myself a slower runner because to me it isn’t about the speed, but enjoying the run, so to have a bit of speed was really exciting.

I try to run four to five days a week but knew I needed to relax on running this week so I wouldn’t risk injury. I did one mile slow to loosen up after my Monday run and didn’t run again until Friday to allow plenty of recovery time. I decided to do a single fast mile on Friday and hit a new record of 6:57.

I realized things to look for while running to see if you are ready to test out what your new limits could be; check in with a few things in your body. Are you breathing your heavy breathing? When we sprint our bodies tend to breathe through the top of our chest verse our diaphragms for this short period. Most people open their hands up verse balling in fists when running fast. Are your hands in the relaxed, balled up position still? Think of the little things you do while you are running to see the difference between when you push yourself verse when you are having an easier run. When you notice your harder runs are beginning to feel like your easier runs, it could be a good time to try and push it a little. Just remember to always allow your body a proper recovery time. It is so easy to want to keep pushing to see what your body can do, but like any machine, when pushed too hard  at once it can break or cause injury.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s weekly workout and find new limits to test today!!!