Weekly Workout 10

Workout for the Week

Monday- run 6 miles (pushing stroller); 500 variation of abs; 20 minutes of yoga; 10 mins foam rolling

Tuesday-60 minutes of full back and sides circuits (including 2 bicep and 1 tricep exercise); 500 variation of abs; 5 minute plank challenge; 22 minutes of yoga

Wednesday-run 6 miles (treadmill-half marathon race pace); 31 minutes of arms/shoulders/chest circuits

Thursday-run 3 miles (treadmill-easy), 25 minutes of side circuits

Friday-60 minutes full body (major let emphasis)


Sunday- off

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Last week I decided to change things up again with my workouts adding more resistance, strength training and it was really nice! I took the weekend off to recovery and I am actually still sore some today, not the painful sore but the “I should have done yoga this weekend” sore.

When I look back at workouts that include so much resistance, strength training I am always reminded of how much I used to want the skinny body. It seems like once I realized how great it felt to be strong and that you could be lean with muscle, that became my body goal. I love when I am doing an exercise and I catch a glimpse of a muscle flexing that I have been working hard to improve. The beauty of wanting lean muscle verse a skinny frame is you actually get to eat more! When I do track my calories, depending on my workouts for the day, I can eat anywhere from 1700-2200 calories and still maintain my weight! I would have never dreamed that possible before! It is amazing what happens when you actually try and fuel your body than try to starve it.

I hope you have a great week and push yourself to discover that you are no longer restrained by old limits and have founds new ones!

Learning From Nature and Letting Go



It is no secret I am not a fan of Winter, but I do love Fall. Watching the leaves change colors before they fall to the ground is beautiful. I used to think that it was so sad to see the trees look like they were dying, waiting for the impending winter. This year, watching a gorgeous tree in front of my house change colors and finally shed its leaves, I had a different thought.

The trees look like they go up in flames, caught in a fire, before they look as if they died. But really they are shedding away everything that doesn’t ground them so they can weather the storms and come back bigger, stronger, and more vibrant than before.

Sometimes I think maybe we should take the example given to us from nature. It is okay to let go of things when they no longer become essential for our survival, and only hold on to the things that allow us to endure whatever is thrown at us and to continue to grow.

It can be hard to do this in so many aspects of our lives, but as nature shows, it is necessary to release the things that don’t add to our life and hold onto the things that do. Turning 30 I found that I no longer have the energy to placate to the negative people in my life or the people who detracted from my life. It can be hard to acknowledge when it is time to let go because the relationship once meant so much to us, or the fear of making a change we know we need stops us. Once I finally decided to let these things in my life go, I found I was even happier than I was before. Having shed the negativity, or making a change I knew it was time for, it allowed me to let go of my leaves, even the stubborn ones that held on longer than the others, to allow me to embrace what really matters to me, and who really matters, and start living my life to make me happy first. I have come back stronger in so many ways, and with this new mentality it is so much easier to continue to try and be a positive person and not let the little things stress me in the way they used to.

I hope in reading this you find the courage to make changes that may have scared you or adjust aspects in your life that no longer add fulfillment. Or if you are in a great place, don’t look back to see what was left behind, you left it for a reason.

Weekly Workout 9

Monday- run 3 miles (treadmill); 500 variation of abs; 40 minutes of yoga

Tuesday-run 6 miles pushing stroller; 20 minutes of foam rolling and stretching

Wednesday-45 minutes of lower back and sides including 7 minutes of plank circuit; 500 variation of abs

Thursday-run 2 miles (treadmill), walk half mile; 31 minutes of upper back and chest circuit

Friday-65 minutes of full body including 100 abs; 5 minute plank challenge; 400 variation of abs

Saturday-30 minutes of yoga

Sunday- off

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It was nice to be back into routine more this week even though the little is still sleeping restlessly, and towards the end of the week I started fighting off a cold.

I really enjoyed adding back in a full body workout and work my legs this week. When training for my runs I really lay off working my legs because they get such a workout with my long runs that weight training them is too much and has led to injury in the past. I even did deadlifts(first time in 10 years!) and squats with the bar which definitely left my legs feeling sore before I even left the gym! It was that good sore where you know you pushed yourself just enough, but not to where walking is too difficult!

I hope you enjoy the weekly workout and find new ways to challenge yourself! If there is ever anything specific with regards to working out you want me to touch on, let me know!