Weekly Workout 8

Workout for the Week


Tuesday-run 5 miles (treadmill), 500 variation of abs, 48 minutes back and sides, 20 minutes foam rolling, 40 minutes of yoga


Thursday-50 minutes of chest/shoulders/arms/sides, 500 variation of abs

Friday-15 minutes of legs


Sunday- off

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween! Last week I was still feeling pain from my Sunday run when I slipped on some gravel. Tuesday’s run felt really good while I was running, but shortly after my leg pain was worse so I knew I needed to take it easy this week. That is one of the nice parts of being “off race season”. I don’t feel guilty when I am nursing an injury. I intended my Friday workout to be much longer, but the little one had a different idea. I was able to do lunges and squats while holding him, but the ground work was out of the question with him jumping on me. I am excited for the new week as I feel well rested and pain free! I hope you all have a great workout week to compensate for anyone eating their child’s candy like I am haha!

Yoga for Runners

I have recently received a few requests about the different yoga moves I do for running. If you aren’t doing any sort of stretching after running and increasing your distance, then you are running a greater risk of injury. Running puts so much strain on the body that you need to properly stretch to allow for proper recovery and autogenic inhibition(short definition: it helps against muscle tear). Please note that I am not a certified yoga instructor, just a yoga enthusiast. I was first introduced to yoga during my marathon training in 2010 and have since become an avid fan.

Below I have shared some of my favorite poses that I do when I am doing my yoga after runs. I have found that yoga has had such an impact on my running, especially after having a baby. Yoga has helped immensely with the shin splints I used to get, as well as the hip issues I get easily now post baby. I have posted the pictures below and a little about them. I hold these poses anywhere from 30 seconds upwards of 90 seconds depending on how deep into the stretch I can get and gage if I need to hold it longer.

In the future I hope to get a video to better show the poses.


This is a common yoga pose and great for the hamstrings and the calves. When in this pose you want to work your heels towards the ground. I hold the pose for 30 seconds and then “walk the dog” where I rotate which heel I work towards the ground and then leave one knee bent while I engage the other leg fully. I do that for 30 seconds and then switch to the other foot for another 30 seconds. After I do both legs I hold the pose with both legs engaged for 30 seconds.


The high lunge is great for stretching the front of your hip! This has been a key move for me post baby. I find that my hips get extremely tight after a long run. My back knee is down(facing the ground) in both pictures and my front knee is at a 90 degree angle with my front knee never going over my toes. I do two poses here because they allow me to sink deeper in different angles. I hold this position for 30 seconds each.


After my high lunge I drop the front leg down in front of me. I push off my front leg to keep my back upright to get a deeper pull through my front hip while my back leg is on the ground (knee facing the ground still). I lay down over my leg after holding this position for 90 seconds and hold in the laying position for another 60 seconds.


When I come up from that position I keep my front leg on the same angle but pull up the back leg to get a quad stretch. Please only go to where you feel the stretch, never over extend yourself and feel pain. I hold this for 60 seconds.


These two poses are what helps combat shin splits and to stretch my foot properly. I actively flex my foot and separate my toes while I lean forward in the first picture. I hold it for 60 seconds and then point my toes while leaning forward and hold that for another 60 seconds.


I like this pose because it helps to stretch your hips and quads in a different way than the other poses and helps to work your back slightly. (If you have seen any of my workout posts on my instagram, you know I love back work). I hold this between 30-60seconds depending on how it feels.


I love the classic butterfly pose because of how it works the inner thigh. You don’t realize how much those muscles are used until you actually stretch them. I hold this, usually leaning all the way over, for 60 seconds.


This pose is great for allowing your hips to open up after all the hip stretching. Gravity will help pull your legs into this pose. This is a relaxing pose, so make sure you aren’t straining!


With starting any new fitness regiment make sure it is okay with your doctor and to stay within your limits. You never want to over extend and be in pain in any position. In yoga you never want to push yourself too hard. It is a practice and though it may not seem likely, you can injure yourself if you push your flexibility outside of your physical abilities. I hope you find this helpful and get a head start into your yoga practice. It is so amazing for the mind, body, and spirit. Always remember to do both sides in any position and take slow, deep breaths.

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If you have any questions about my yoga poses or the outfit, let me know!

Thank you as always for the support!

*this is not a sponsored post

Weekly Workout 7

Workout for the Week

Monday-run 2 miles(treadmill), 25 minutes chest/shoulders/300abs, 200 ab variation to complete 500 for the day, 35 minutes yoga

Tuesday-run 7.5 miles (pushing stroller), 500 variation of abs

Wednesday-5 minute nonstop planks (one minute each:center, left side, center, right side, center), 500 abs variation, 5 nonstop HIIT

Thursday-run 3 miles (treadmill), 5 minute nonstop HIIT, 30 minutes yoga

Friday-50 minutes back/side circuits, 5 minute nonstop planks (one minute each:center, left side, center, right side, center), 500 abs variation


Sunday- run 9.5 miles

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Here is my workout from last week. I added the plank challenge move because planks are an amazing workout from shoulders, back, hamstrings and of course, abs! It is definitely a difficult workout because you are holding the plank the entire time. When you move from the center to the side planks you are rolling onto the one arm. I prefer the low plank position because my wrists are weaker and holding a high plank causes pain after a while so I am unable to hold a high plank for five straight minutes. Let me know if you give it a try and how long you are able to go!!!

I am also adding the HIIT segments into my workouts. Let’s be honest, those are probably more challenging than the planks! But HIIT is amazing for stamina and endurance and a great fat burner! If you add HIIT into your workout, even the five minute segments, you will definitely see more results! If you find yourself plateauing that is a great time to add! An example would be one minute of jumping jacks, one minute of push ups, one minute of mountain climbers, one minute of nonstop core, one minute of box(or chair) step ups(or jumps). If you are interested in trying a HIIT segment listen to your body!! You don’t ever want to push yourself to where you feel light headed!

I hope you enjoyed my recap and have a great workout this week!!!