My Fitness

I have always found fitness to be such an important aspect of my life for numerous reasons. I was previously certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal training and enjoy helping others, especially mommies in finding their happiness in bringing fitness into their lives. I want to share my own workouts, and eventually videos, and my thoughts on fitness in hopes of inspiring other women and mommies to become the best version of themselves in a healthy way. I know as a mom I want to set an example for my son about the importance of fitness as well as being able to have the energy and ability to keep up with him whether we are running around together or I am just carrying him. It can be so easy to get lost in being a parent and caring for someone else that we forget that it is equally as important to take care of ourselves. I look forward to sharing this adventure and hopefully making a difference for others!

My Written Words

Under “Unedited Words”, you will find some of the writings closest to my heart. These are poems and words I never thought I would be sharing. These are words that have been inspired by my life and the world around me. Sometimes I find that in hearing a story, reading a book, or my own situation, that my mind takes me to different places where words start forming and I feel the need to pen them. I hope you can appreciate what it has taken to share this and to be kind in your comments.

My Style Story

This page is dedicated to all things style and beauty. Having decided to be a stay at home mom while our son is young, I have found that I have a new appreciation for style. It took a while to find a balance between my style and what I felt comfortable wearing in my new “mom” role and with my new “mom” body. I love how clothes have been a way to express myself and though I am a mom, I am still an individual. I love style and comfort and hope to share my style and inspire other women and moms to embrace their individuality and feel comfortable in their own skin while still wearing functional, toddler chasing, outfits!