Bouncing Back the Second Time Around

Someone recently told me how I am going to bounce back so quickly after this pregnancy with all the running and working out I have been doing while pregnant. As sweet as the comment was meant to be, I couldn’t figure out why it sat sideways with me. During my first pregnancy I would have been so excited about someone saying that in hopes that it would be true. This time around, for my second pregnancy, I view that comment differently. Sure, it will be nice when I have gotten back in shape, but unlike the first time around there isn’t this immense self induced pressure to get back to my “pre baby body”.

I know what my body can do now. I have seen how big my belly can expand and that with hard work and good eating it will eventually go back down. I know my body may look differently after this pregnancy even compared to after my first pregnancy, but that is okay. Being able to appreciate what my body can really do has been amazing for my mindset this pregnancy including simple things like not obsessing over the weight gain. My first pregnancy I weighed myself daily and would be worried if I felt I gained too much to start or in any given week or month. This time around I put my scale away and felt a weight (no pun intended) lifted off my shoulders. I have a better understanding of what my body needs and as long as my doctor is pleased with my weight at my appointments, then there is no need for me to put that added stress on myself.

This time around I have learned to trust my body in knowing it will give me clues as to what is too much, what is just right and what is not enough. I also have the benefit of knowing all the changes mentally, emotionally, and physically are all truly worth it because I know that indescribable feeling I will feel the first time I hold our new baby.

I wish there was a way to share this with my pre baby self (so I share it in hopes that it could help someone else go easier on themselves). To know that some of those superficial things that were once so important become trivial once that little miracle arrives (cliché but true). To know that my body will never be ruined even with stretch marks and loose skin on it, because one look at my little man and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So as great as it would be to “bounce back” quickly, I am in no rush. I know that it will happen in time but I want to be able to enjoy adding the final member to our family and not have my focus pulled in any other direction.

Weekly Workout 19 & 20-17

Weekly Workout 19-17

Monday- 31 minutes chest and shoulder circuit

Tuesday- run 8 miles (treadmill 9:08 pace; did first few at 9:30 then bumped up to 8:57); 20 minutes of yoga

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- run 4 miles (treadmill 8:57 pace); 30 minutes of yoga

Friday- 25 minutes sides and low back circuit

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Off

Weekly Workout 20-17

Monday- 31 minutes sides circuits

Tuesday- walk treadmill for 3 miles at a 3mph pace on 5 incline; 35 minutes of yoga


Thursday- run 4 miles (treadmill 8:45 pace)

Friday- 45 minutes of yoga

Saturday- tons of walking at the zoo


Happy Monday!

It seems like it has been such a busy last two weeks yet I have no idea what we have been doing! I was hoping to get my chest and shoulder workout on the blog, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to get the pictures done so I will work on sharing another workout soon!

Week 19 I was so excited to get such a great 8 mile run in! It was so nice because I was chatting with a friend the first few miles so the time seemed to fly by and it felt so good I decided to just go with it!

Week 20 felt like a different story! After staying up too late on Monday and then the little man getting up before 5am on Tuesday, I felt like a zombie. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to run, but wanted to at least get some cardio in so I decided to walk on the treadmill. To give a little challenge I did an incline of 5.0 and kept the pace at 3.0mph. Saturday we went to the zoo which was so much fun and man did I get in my cardio with all that walking and half of it carrying the little man in the sling. Talk about an added challenge… 30lbs+ feels heavy after a while even with a sling!

I hope you all have a great workout week and I will be working on a new workout soon!

Weekly Workout 18-17

Monday- 31 minutes of low back and side circuits (reverse leg lifts, deadlifts, back and side extensions, weighted twists)

Tuesday- run 7 miles (treadmill 8:53 pace)

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Off (sick day)

Friday- Off (sick day)

Saturday- Off

Sunday- run 5 miles (treadmill 8:42)

Happy Tuesday!

Well last week turned out a lot differently than I planned. I should have known something was up when Dalton’s teachers were saying that he was acting a little off during class and I had to go to half of one of his classes with him on Tuesday (had to skip yoga because of it). He seemed fine when we got home and we even played outside. Wednesday he seemed perfectly normally and we got to play outside a little in the afternoon again. It was a different story come Thursday morning. Dalton came to our bed in the morning and was tossing and turning a lot. I just thought he couldn’t get comfortable. We finally got up at 5:30am and after his morning potty he started coughing and then puking. It was awful! If there is one thing that is horrible to be a parent for, it is watching your child be sick and not being able to help. After two more episodes before 7:30am I decided it was going to be an at home day.

I planned to work out while he napped, but sure enough, as he seemed to start feeling better I started to feel worse. I am not sure if I was just too concerned with him that I didn’t notice I felt off as well or what, but it turned into a sick day for us both. I made sure that we both drank plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and think that helped us from feeling worse. Friday morning Dalton seemed back to his feisty, sweet self, so I decided we would go to the gym and play time. Sure enough as I was putting on my workout clothes I started to feel sick again and actually had to sit down. As much as I wanted to work out, I knew that I needed another rest day.

I remember when there was a time if I missed a workout I would feel disappointed in myself. Don’t get me wrong, I still get the occasional runner’s guilt, but it is a lot less now. I feel like since I know I need to be in good health to take care of someone else, I am much more accepting at not pushing my body and knowing when I need a sick day. I took Saturday as my regular off day so that I would be back to my normal schedule starting Sunday.

I hope you all have a great week and remember to listen to your body. Missing a workout or two in a week is not going to ruin you. Your health is always more important than getting in that workout and risking feeling worse for longer.