Weekly Workout 17-17

Monday- 38 minutes of low back and side circuits (reverse leg lifts, deadlifts, back and side extensions, weighted twists)

Tuesday- run 6 miles (treadmill 8:57 pace); 40 minutes of yoga

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- run 7 miles (treadmill 8:52 pace)

Friday- run 3 miles (treadmill 9:49)

Saturday- Off

Sunday- run 7 miles (with stroller 11:14 pace)

Happy Monday!

Well this was a good, but interesting workout week for me! I not only hit the 15/20 mile goal I wanted in running, but actually passed it getting in 23 miles (yay!). I have to admit, Friday’s run kicked my ass pretty bad. I am not sure if I wasn’t properly hydrated or fueled from Thursday’s run, but I felt awful afterwards. That is why going on my run with the little Sunday I knew I needed to take it really slow. It was hard to ignore my pace, but I didn’t want to risk a repeat of Friday so I just listened to my body. It felt great when I finished and no soreness to follow so I like to think I did a great job of taking queues of what my body needed. With the warmer weather starting and sweating more, it is getting more important to remember to drink even more water during the day to compensate for the loss from general sweat!

I hope you have a great week and thank you for reading!