Weekly Workout 12-17

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Off

Wednesday-run 6 miles (treadmill 8:57 x 1 mile, 8:34 x 5 miles)

Thursday- run 9 miles (treadmill 9:38 pace); 20 minutes of yoga

Friday- Off


Sunday- run 7 miles (treadmill 8:43 x 1 mile, 8:27 x 6 miles)

Happy Monday!

I hope you are starting your Monday strong! I am so looking forward to a fresh week! The past two weeks have been a bit crazy for me. First my workouts were limited from my upper respiratory infection and sinus infection, and then I had something come up that required my undivided attention, and my workouts have suffered, but that is life. Sometimes things happen, but what matters is we don’t let that be the end of our fitness journey. We can always start fresh whether midweek or the start of a new week!

I was so thankful for the runs I was able to get in. When I am in “off” training mode, I like to keep my mileage around 20 miles for the week. I have been far from hitting that lately, so to have a stressful week and still be able to hit my mile goals was pretty awesome!

I was so grateful for my runs that it made me realize I had been doing a lot of moaning about the treadmill. Having the opportunity to have gotten runs outside, it was feeling unbearable to be on the treadmill again. Because of this, I found myself cutting my miles to do a fast 2-3 mile run to be done on the treadmill, which was also causing issues with hitting my mileage for the week!

This last week I remembered how much I love my long runs. I realized if the treadmill is the only way to get them in, then I have to remember my patience, get a great playlist going, and just focus on what the run does for me, verse focusing on the frustration of being on the treadmill.

I am also changing up my workout schedule some this week! I think it is so important! I am doing some of the same workouts, just different days and slight variation in the workouts. This keeps things new and also challenges my body to keep it from getting used to a weekly routine!

Have a fabulous week and thank you for the support! Remember, things in life happen and usually it is out of our control, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop your workout routine. Use the stress or frustration as motivation to keep pushing, even if it means you take a few days off to come back stronger! You can find reasons, not even excuses, but legit reasons, to not workout. Or you can take those reasons and use them as inspiration to push yourself to a new level and work out all the things running through your mind.